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Len Hyde - Len started the business thirty years ago as a student painter. He has grown the business over the years, developing and applying time-tested procedures to ensure customer satisfaction. Using his own talents in organization and efficiency, Len has put together the best team of workers. They can handle any project, big or small, even radioactive ones. They have become the most capable team, one trusted by property managers and business owners across the city.

Chris Larocque - Len met Chris Larocque when he was working on a big project, and producing the highest quality results. Not only is Chris an expert painter, he is truly a stellar human being. He goes out of his way to make sure customers are satisfied, problem-solving on the spot to clear up any concerns. We have never had any complaints on his jobs; on the contrary, customers rave about his courteous and cheerful attitude. When you say Chris Larocque, you are saying Quality at its best. His specialties include condominium projects, high rise buildings, swing stage and boom truck work, and residential work.

Mario Gagné - Mario "the bigger the job the better" Gagné came to the team through a friend of a friend who told Len about a painter looking for work. That first day, he painted circles around everyone else. He rolled the walls with such energy we thought he was going to knock the walls down. To this day he constantly uses his skills and talent to get jobs done faster and more efficiently. Mario means production and efficiency. Mario's specialties include condominium projects, high rise buildings, auto and parking garages, commercial and construction projects, car dealerships, epoxy coatings, swing stage and boom truck work. In other words, big and difficult jobs.

Dan Auger, Rocco Paquette - Dan and Rocco have been on the team for about twenty years. They provide expertise when it comes to carpentry and caulking. Dan is the best caulking installer, which is a demanding job. Dan is also a jack-of-all-trades: we never have an unhappy customer on Dan's jobs, as he uses his talents to deal with any issue that may come up. Dan Auger is precision and quality, whether in carpentry, caulking, or painting.

Highly skilled and motivated, Rocco specializes in production and organization for major carpentry jobs. In addition to carpentry, his specialties include condominium projects, high rise buildings, caulking and painting.

Tim August - Tim has been part of the team since almost the beginning. He keeps everything running smoothly by providing top notch support to team members. He is also in charge of training for new members of the team.

Marc Mathieu - Marc has been with us for about ten years. His specialty is in high quality, detailed jobs that require patience and skill. Whether it is a condominium project, residential, small business, drywall repair, stipple repair, or high quality painting, Marc is the one to have on your team.

Our staff is able to handle every facet of exterior and interior work:

  • We do the best surface preparation in the business
  • We do all the necessary wood repairs and pay specific attention to the caulking elements
  • We pay as much attention to the overall painting as we do with clean up
  • We pride ourselves on having a spotless work site since the work site is your place. You can see why we take good care.

With staff that only do drywall/stipple repairs full time, and our reputation for cleanliness, you can see why we get the testimonials that we do – and the return business. Such an organized team makes us so popular when it comes to all your interior painting needs.

Ottawa Food Bank Donation

Phil Hyde dropping off 565lbs of dry and frozen goods to the Ottawa Food Bank, in honour of Commercial Painting's valued customers
- December 2018

Here are some of the comments we have received from our satisfied customers.

"Just thought you should know that I continue to get nothing but compliments about your crew on site at CCC No. 316. The latest was from a condo owner who 'unloaded about 5 compliments' about the painters. Always nice to hear and to share."
Monica M., Property Manager
"Len, Phase 1 looks amazing! We love the colours and your team did a great job."
A.R., Marketing Coordinator
"Just a quick note to let you know what a great job the painters did on Offenbach Lane. I was away most of the time when the first crew came in to do the painting of batten board, door frames, window frames, garage door frames and fences. This week I worked with Dan and his crew unlocking and locking the door as Rene was away. Dan and his crew were doing the rotten board replacement and fence tops that required replacement. know Rene was pleased with their work as well. These men were so polite and very professional. It was a real pleasure to have them on site. Please let Commercial Painting know – kudos to them."
- Property Manager
"I would like to comment on the impressive behaviour of your employees. They could not have been more helpful when I told them about one of my windows being stuck from the previous day. I had to leave this morning and asked one of the men if I needed to be here for them to fix it. He said to tell any of them when I returned and they would look after it. When I did get home I was directed to the correct person to speak to. When I suggested we do it the next day because it was so hot and they were all very busy, he said it would be no problem and they fixed it right then. He also insisted that they try to open a window I haven't been able to open since the last time it was painted and it now is fixed. All this was done with smiles and the utmost courtesy even though they had been working all day with the humidex close to 40. Great bunch of guys!!"
- Home Owner
"I am blown away by the marvellous work done here. My home is transformed! Everyone is polite, smiling and helpful in the extreme, despite brutal working conditions all week. The nightly clean up and tidy up is much appreciated. Thanks!"
- Melané H., Ottawa
"The crew finished the work this afternoon, and it looks good. I was very impressed with their professionalism. Many thanks!"
- Howard S., Ottawa
"I went by (site address) yesterday and it looks great. Your painter did an excellent job. I will be away for the next two weeks but will touch base with you when I am back as I have more work coming."
- Brian C., Ottawa
"I wanted to forward to you the Board's email regarding the great job your workers did at (site address)."
- Miranda L., Ottawa
"Hi Miranda: Just a quick note to let you know what a great job the painters did on (site address). I know Rene was pleased with their work as well. These men were so polite and very professional. It was a real pleasure to have them on site. Please let Commercial Painting know – kudos to them."
- Chris, Ottawa
"I saw the boys this morning. Great job on everything. You are truly the best..."
- Nadia F., Manager, Residential Properties, Ottawa
"According to Les it looks great. I was there yesterday and it makes a big difference! Thx."
- Michael M., Ottawa
"I would like to pass along my recommendations for painting work. I have used Commercial Painting on a number of occasions with great results and Len Hyde is very attentive to comments or suggestions as well as handles concerns in a quick manner. I always push for Commercial painting and will because they have proven to be a good team player for us property managers. Please give them consideration for any projects you have."
- Marc B., Property Manager, Ottawa
"I would like to congratulate you on your choice of company that is doing the repairs to the units at the moment, they are doing a superb job."
- Gisèle T., Ottawa
"Thanks! you have a great group of folks to work with, I am sure you know this but, I have to say they were great to all of us."
- Elaine R., Ottawa
"I'm very impressed with the "guys" ... are a great team. We are very pleased and would recommend you and your company to anyone who is looking at getting work done – commercial or residential! The "guys" were - respectful of my plants and property - very polite - Mario advised me of his "painting plan" for each day – good communication -great painters and willing to touch up and fix what was needed. Mario point out areas that required our attention – much appreciated!"
- Morena M., Ottawa
"They did a nice job – we're pleased."
- Anne M., Ottawa
"Painting of the shop has been done. Very good job, looks awesome. I was impressed on how your team operated to get it done. I know it is not easy to do when there is constant activity going on, but they managed very well. Thanks."
- Mario C., Ottawa
"Overall the residents and owners in our Association have been very pleased with the work completed by your team. Despite the extremely hot temperatures during the project, your crew were hard working, courteous and friendly. Special mention to Chris and Dan whose cheerful and cooperative attitude during the painting and repairs made this a pleasant experience ... I hope that we can work together again in the future."
- Cheryl H., Ottawa
"Hi Len, your guys did a great job, please pass along a thank you to them. The house looks great. The price is fair."
- Iris, Ottawa
"Thanks Len; A great job as usual."
- M. Sargent, Property Manager
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